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Tikkas In A Cone, Baked Pakoras, & Stuffed Buns: Naanbai Is Serving Delish Snacks From Their Live Oven

    Rajinder Nagar, Delhi


    Naanbai is your new stop in Rajinder Nagar for delicious baked snacks. It’s a bakery with a live oven and charming interiors, and of course, succulent food. They’ve created the food recipes themselves from scratch.

    Food That’ll Bake You Go Crazy

    Freshly baked, healthy, and tasty, Naanbai knows what goes into making the perfect snack. They’ve got a humble, mouth-watering range of some of the most amazing baked snacks we’ve ever tried {yes, we did go for seconds… and thirds}. Their main offerings are the five whole wheat treats, with fun, desi names.

    To begin with, they’ve got Garaiya {small, round, wholewheat bites in flavours like beetroot, radish and methi}, Bhusri {a soft wheat bun, shaped like a burger, stuffed with spinach and veggies – a personal favourite},  Bumm {traditional pakoras, baked to a crisp, stuffed with healthy veggies} , Kuppi {a tasty whole wheat cone, with a paneer tikka filling – think pizza in a cone, but healthier}. They also have parathas.

    All of these snacks are prepared fresh in their live oven, right in front of you. They’re also going to come up with non-vegetarian counterparts for these baked goods {yasss}. Apart from these, they also offer freshly baked bread {they have a chilli flakes bread loaf variant among others}, flax seed, oatmeal, and rice cookies, whole wheat buns, and so much more.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Perfect for hangovers, evening snacks, and for gorging on all day, Naanbai’s baked snacks are climbing our favourites list with every bite. Try them out as a healthy snack or comfort food, they check all the boxes.

    Ps: Do get a loaf of bread to take home, it’s the softest!

    Price: INR 200 for two {approx.}

      Rajinder Nagar, Delhi