These 5 TrulyMadly Features Will Help You Nail The Online Dating Game

Namrata posted on 26 April

Do you have your game face on, ready to navigate the world of online dating? We’re telling you a few things that may help take the plunge.

Online Dating 101

If you, like us, are rather deterred by the whole concept of online dating, you’ll appreciate how thorough TrulyMadly is. They have an entire section which explains how they pick and choose your potential partners. From what factors they consider to the experts who defined them, you’ll know exactly what’s up. This is the kind of transparency we enjoy.

My Name Is ______

We live in the age of cyber-stalkers and people who ‘want to do fraandship’ with us, so wanting a bit of privacy isn’t really too much to ask for. TrulyMadly gets this, and make sure your potential matches can’t see your name until you both match with each other. You won’t be able to see their name either, but that’s only fair right? Also, it adds a touch of mystery to the whole situation, which is always fun.

Facebook Footprint

You can either log in with your Facebook profile or your email, and usually, the former is easier, but what about all those strange and sometimes outdated interests you’ve listed? Believe us, we don’t want anyone to know some of the stuff that we were into, either. Luckily, you can edit your profile within the app, and edit out whatever you want to nix and add new descriptions and interests. Y’know what they say—first impression is everything.

Breaking The Ice

Picture this: You’ve got a few matches, they all look exciting, but what should your first words be? It feels just like an awkward first date, an you might already be feeling the pressure. Personally, we’re big fans of easing into any romantic encounter with an activity of sorts. Enter TrulyMadly. They’ve got a bunch of games {when you open up the chat box} that you can play with Mr. Could-Be-Right to get the words flowing. They range from quizzes on movies and food to random topics and travel. Letting you in on what you have in common? You betcha.


Once you’ve scooped out the final potentials and are finally ready to go on a date, there’s the matter of deciding where to go and what to eat. TrulyMadly cuts your work in half with their Datelicious feature, where they list a whole bunch of spots and deals that you can opt for. Find one you like and send it to your match. If they accept, it’s a date with a super deal to boot. Win!

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This story is in partnership with Truly Madly.