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    Miss Nani-Dadi Wala Khaana? Get Home This Natural Cookware Range

    Rene posted on 24 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Two enterprising women, Radhika Menon and Priya Deepak, decided they wanted to recreate the nostalgic aromas from traditional kitchens, and started The Village Fair, a cookware range that’s made of clay, stoneware and cast iron. It’s all chemical-free and handcrafted.

    Cup Of Good Hope

    Everything that the brand sells is lovingly made by artisans who are skilled in moulding and pre-seasoning these vessels in typical Kerala style. The founders believe that our grandmas knew best and so, everything from the dosa pans to the cast iron kadais {these sell like hot cakes} are crafted keeping ancient wisdom and old cooking practices in mind.

    We’re also kicked by the thought of the cast iron range fortifying our food with iron as the contents sizzle, bubble and/or bake in it with just a drop of oil. As people who are constantly trying to {trying to being the keywords here} eat healthy, it is indeed the pan-India movement we’ve been waiting for!

    For Every Kinda Pothead

    While the brand’s already got an expansive range of pots, skillets, tawas, kadais and more to make everything from the good ol’ dosas and appams to dumplings, pizzas, crepes and stews, we’re told that the plan is to extend the product offerings to heritage products from all over India.

    Honestly, we love that The Village Fair isn’t just another soulless business proposition. It’s an honest attempt to bring back the goodness we lost as we moved into condominiums, our hands full of takeaway menus.

    So, We’re Saying…

    You aren’t just doing yourself good by switching to these healthier vessels. You’re also helping empower an underprivileged woman and rehabilitating a mentally challenged person. Now that’s a really comforting thought, right?

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