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Lado Sarai

Lado Sarai

Head To This House Concert At Lado Sarai For Some Offbeat, Underground Tunes

Sunaina posted on 18th May

What Is It?

House Concert Delhi is a beautiful concept which is all about acoustic music and friendly gatherings at homely spaces in the city. They pick and choose their venue very wisely and invite talented upcoming or established musicians to perform unplugged sessions for people, who love music in general. They are having a session very soon and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Who Is It For?

It’s for anyone who binges on music, loves a quiet weekend and enjoys good company. Who wants to go to loud jarring clubs or bars that have no space to even breathe when you can sit and enjoy some organic music made by independent artists! So if this sounds like your kind of scene, be there.

Why Should I Go For It?

Apart from going out and having a good quiet time with your friends, you also support a lot of individual artists who are trying to make their mark with independent music, in the city. There is a small contribution that you need to make, which goes directly to the artists, encouraging them to make some more soulful music. This time around you will be surrounded by some great musicians like SPACE, MC Kaur and Samuel Abraham, each performing some really thrilling tunes for you.

Anything Else?

The venue is not disclosed openly, so you will have to RSVP for the event and reserve your spot. You can RSVP for the address here. There is a small monetary contribution you can make, which will go towards the artists. Follow their Facebook page and keep yourself up to date.

When: May 20

Where: Lado Sarai

Timings: 8pm – 11pm

More Information

Lado Sarai

Lado Sarai, New Delhi

  • Nearest Metro Station : SAKET

Lado Sarai

Lado Sarai