Aditya posted on 30th December

Need For Speed: 3 Best Spots For Go-Karting in NCR

If you’ve never sat behind the grubby, awkwardly small steering wheel of a two-engine glorified lawnmower, smashing against your friends’ karts, navigating a patchy track and avoiding rubber tyre barricades, all while rushing to a finish line of little importance- you’re missing out.

For car and racing enthusiasts go-karting is an enthralling pastime. For novices, it can be a scary experience {only at first, of course!}. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, here are three best spots to hit up.

F9 Go Karting

Started in 2010, F9 Go Karting has a large track and comfortable seating for viewers. Demarcated by white and red tyres, the track is a wide, well-designed path for three to four racers, making for an interesting race {due to the ample room available for you to try and overtake your opponents}. They even offer different karts depending on the clientele, as all their equipment is personally sourced and comes in various shapes, sizes and designs.

You can also book four karts and a track for an hour at INR 10,500, making F9 a great spot for a weekend chill session with a large group of buddies.

Wonder Speedway

Situated in the Worlds of Wonder amusement park, Wonder Speedway is considered India’s first professional two-stroke karting track. With three varied track options to practice on, and a range of instructors who will educate you, they offer first-timers a good introduction to the world of karting.

Choose from mean machines such as the Twin Engine Pro Kart, Duet Kart and the Single Seater. On special request, they can also arrange for race karts or custom-modified karts.

Speedy Singh’s Go Karting

Probably the most interesting and grungy track, Speedy Singh’s Go Karting is located in Pacific Mall’s parking lots. The look and feel of the location makes you feel like you’re partaking in an underground drag race and really adds to the race experience.

If you’re travelling in a large group you can also book the entire track, though with a group of under 10 people they recommend you just visit and pay individually.

Note: One of our favourite childhood hangouts, 32nd Milestone, also has a go-karting track. Unfortunately they are undergoing renovations on the track, and will tentatively reopen in a few months. Stay tuned!