By Rashi Wadhera

For every creative, entrepreneurial and affable soul, get off a digital social network, and put your money where the minds are. Riyaaz Amlani {the man behind Mocha and the SmokeHouses}, is creating a {physical} social space, or as he describes it, ‘a café bar for the youth,’ where young creative professionals can come work on their craft, interact with one another and bounce ideas off each other. Essentially, it’s aimed at being a collaborative space, somewhere between an office and café, where artists, creative entrepreneurs and budding professionals alike can work, eat or play. Spread over four floors, with a gorgeous view of the lake, bang in the middle of Haus Khaz Village, you may recognize it as the venue of choice for the recently concluded St. Art Delhi.

The space is rustic chic, complete with chipped walls exposing the underlying brickwork, electric wiring and AC pipes, a wrought iron winding staircase and yellow bulbs; mirroring the dominant eclectic aesthetic that rules HKV. It will also have everything an office does – conference rooms, workstations and Wi-Fi. The people behind the project noticed all the makeshift workstations in cafes around the city, filled the gap, and have created a productive workspace, where you still get to eat and drink, without having to deal with regular restaurant patrons. Social will seamlessly transition to a high-energy bar in the evening {after what they qualify a ‘full working day’}; getting a drink after-work {or during} has  never been this convenient.

PS: The food and drink menus have been extensively researched and carefully curated; a far cry from office boys scoring butter-toast from the only dhaba close to your probably Gurgaon based office.

Perhaps a little experimental in its model, the greatest news is the encouragement of physical interaction. In an increasingly digital world, Social will provide a legit space for minds to come together to learn, network and feed-off each other’s ideas. We recommend you get offline, and get Social.

Where: 12, Third Floor, Hauz Khas Village {Above Smoke House Deli}

Social is expected to open soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Website here

image courtesy St.Art Delhi