By Editors

Disclaimer: This is part of #LBBPranks, as part of an April Fools’ Day story. Please do not take this seriously.

Statistics show 16% of Gurgaon’s young, out of town, working professionals display high levels of loneliness, depression and social anxiety. Someone, somewhere got the memo and, rumour has it, decided to heal the world, for you and for me, and the entire human race. There are people working, and they care enough for the living, so they’re making a better place for you and for them.

What they’re doing? Traditionally, they’re launching a run of the mill bed and breakfast facility, complete with state of the art facilities including 14 rooms, {10 twin and 4 double}, Wi-Fi, 24 hour room service, laundry, extended home stays and in-room cable television. But, where the real USP kicks in, is in their Grandmother’s Touch Service, available round the clock. If you do subscribe, the front desk will have a grandmother sent up to your room, complete with a book of your favourite childhood fairytales. Once you pick your favourite {ours was Three Little Pigs}, she will read it out to you, and for a nominal additional charge, stroke your hair as you fall asleep.

Unconventional in their approach, but genius in their method. LBB recommends you call ahead and book the service, so far they only have 10 grandmothers in between 14 rooms, so they tend to get booked out. They’ll even let you pick the colour of her sari, what you want to call her, and what you’d like her to smell of, since so many of our childhood memories are associated¬†with scents.

So far, they’re set to launch on the 10th of April, but stay tuned as we get you all the dirt.

Where: They will disclose their location when you make a reservation

Contact: TBA

Price: INR 2000/story, and INR 500 for ten minutes of hair stroking.