Four New Homegrown Musicians' Albums to Catch Now

Namrata posted on 01 March

Here at LBB, we believe you can never have enough music. We’re always looking for more, and we found quite a few compelling records right here in our own backyard. Check out these musician’s who’ve just released {or are preparing to release} albums. Headphones ready?

Run It’s The Kid

Known for their folk-waltzy sound and front man Shantanu Pandit’s mesmerising vocals, the only place you could catch their earnest tunes were at a live show- until now, that is. You’ve seen, swooned and now you can listen to their first ever record, Run! It’s the Kid online. With tracks such as Love We’re Made From Porcelain and Haste, the ten-piece album promises to carry you through a tough day and proves that the band has only become better with time.

Listen here:

The Circus, With Love

If there’s one thing to be said of The Circus, it’s that they never stop experimenting with their music. This seven track ensemble, titled With Love is a touch more personal than their previous album {Bats, circa 2013} and takes a different direction in terms of sound as well but remains as much of a rollercoaster {in a good way} than all their music.

It is layered, but the vocals and each individual member’s instrumental prowess takes the spotlight, with honesty that strikes a chord with anyone who listens to it.

Shadow & Light, Elements

With music that’s centred on human emotion and complex melodies, Elements is the perfect melange of Pavithra’s rich vocal tones and Anindo’s expertise with arrangements. The two have always created soul-stirring music and the new album is no exception. It’ll be a cathartic experience- just listen.

Ioish, We Move The Sky

Three piece instrumental collective, peg Ioish as the band you should turn to for when you want tunes that inspire a pensive mood, or perhaps when you’re already in that mood. Their six track EP, We Move the Sky is wistful, best consumed at a stretch, where you can hear all the songs truly come together. There is drama, there calculated drops and carefully placed swells that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Listen here: