What is most striking about Desi Roots is the memory lane it takes you down. The presentation, the flavours and the overall ambience of the place throws you back to when you were growing up and chocolate coins and phantom cigarettes were all the rage. The nostalgia catches your attention, draws you in, and then you’re hooked for the rest of the meal.

The food is prepared meticulously; each dish has a distinct flavour and is presented in jars, toy trolleys or perhaps over a smoldering bed of iron. What they’ve attempted to do is take you on a culinary voyage and has given regional dishes that we’ve all tasted in some form or the other a twist. Start off with a Lemon Grog, which is a concoction of rum, green tea and lime and it is most definitely the best cocktail to savour on a cold winter day. Also worth a mention is the Desi By Roots cocktail, which combines vodka, tea, lychee juice and lemongrass. It may sound odd, but the flavours blend together flawlessly; it is definitely one of their best drinks.

After a round or two of those, there’s a host of appetizers to sample and if you’re really hungry, just skip to the main course. Their chicken tikka with avocado raita is a dream, as is their galawati kebab, which practically melts in your mouth. To go with it is an ulte tawa ka parantha, cut to bite-sized pieces. The kebab is served in a jar, which serves as a unique touch – what the chefs at Desi Roots remember is that you eat with your eyes first.

Ambala cantt ki mutton curry is a must-try when you visit this restaurant – it is cooked slowly and the flavour of the spices used is present in every bite. It’s even served in the crockery that the army uses!

It’s located behind Select Citywalk in Saket, which makes it fairly easy to find. They’ve even split the place into different seating areas – keeping in mind the different needs of their consumer base. There’s a section with tables, one with couches to lounge in, and bar stools to sip your drinks at. The music changes as the day progresses; it isn’t too overpowering and provides the perfect backdrop for your meal.

We think you’ll take away a multitude of memories, a happy belly and thoughts of contentment once you’ve been fed at the hands of the Desi Roots staff. They’ve created a product worth going back for, and we seriously recommend you go get yourself a piece of their delectable cuisine as soon as possible.

Where: G-16, Ras Villas Mall, Saket

 Price: INR 1200 for two people {approx.}

 Contact: 011 33106105