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New in Town | Designer Dog Coats from Molly and Martin

Editors posted on 19th December

If you are obsessed with your pet pooch {or even if you just love him or her}, nothing is ever good enough for him or her. You might not be looking at Swarovski studded collars custom made by Burberry {yes, we've seen these as well}, but you still want your pooch to don something that reflects his or her style and personality.

Given that winter is the only time you can legitimately dress your dog, {well, without being gimmicky or making him or her uncomfortable anyway}, a certain obsessive dog owner out there decided it was time to take matters {and fashion} into her own hands.

This proud boxer owner joined hands with an ex Manish Arora designer {we weren’t kidding when we mentioned taking fashion seriously} to design a line of classic dog coats, all with inspired detailing.

Having grown up with dogs of their own, and hanging out with friends’ pooches, the two founders have launched with a line of carefully designed coats, each one named after one of their pet pals, where the coat reflects an aspect of the dog in question’s personality. The project has been named after one of their long standing dreams – an image of a male and female dog, her in a delicate bow in her hair, him in a mini tux… I guess the imagery says it loud and clear – say hello to Molly and Martin!

Think brown tweed with buckle detailing, dark grey with leather piping, red hounds tooth with a pleather band at the hips, and if your pal is more about classic solid colours, look for the solid red with a black pleather stripe.

The Buster, The Whizzer, The Rasia, The Suzie, The Scoobie – pick the style that best suits your pet, and watch him or her proudly strut on their next walk in the park. Current sizes available are only that for a mid-sized dog and a large dog, and are currently only retailing via Facebook.

To place an order, and view their collection, click here. 

Molly and Martin

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