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Rashi posted on 24 October

By Rashi Wadhera

Stationery is never going to get old. You can take it from us. Your iPads, MacBooks, tablets, fablets and smart phones might always be innovating their interface, but nothing satisfies quite like just the right GSM paper, and a fabulous roller ball pen to match. Reminding us we know how to write, and giving us something great to practice in, is newest designer notebook specialists, started by a band of boys with illustrious careers behind them {The Boston Consulting Group, Phillip Morris and Booze and Co.}, bemused by the dearth of notebooks, and disregarding the Neelgagans and Hans of the markets.

Thus started Scribble Design. They take their notebooks very seriously, and each piece is carefully thought through, including those nasty pen marks you get on the other side of a page. 184 pages of 70 GSM paper, spiral bound together, and topped with covers of genius artwork; because every great idea started with a scribble. Not sure if that's true, but that sentence needed a great ending. As for artwork, they source designs from leading Indian designers, and have different design themes. Best part is, you can score your very own cover. If you're interested in designing for them, you're welcome to get in touch. Let us tell you another great feature, so you know these aren't just any notebooks. You know those fun facts at the back of registers, that took us through one too many long periods in school? Scribble Design upped the ante. Their notebooks are full of fun facts and GK tid bits and games, designed to make them more fun and interactive. We can guarantee they're a far cry from 'you can't lick your own elbow. Don't try it.'

So far they have various retail partners, and you can locate a store nearest you on their website. If you're more of an online shopper, their website should tide you over. Special shout out to the Char Chor and Rock On! design lines.

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Where: To find a retail partner, view their whole line and place an order online, click here.