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For Ingredients for Cooking, and Home-delivered Cooked Meals, Bookmark ForMyBelly

Editors posted on 13 May

You know how sometimes you dream up a service, and tell yourself if someone started it, it would change your life? Someone, somewhere got the memo and started Formybelly, and may we just say, very few things spell convenience like they do. What is it they do, you ask? They have available a stock of recipes, including everything from vegetarian options, starters, salads, soups and desserts, spanning Asian, European, Italian and Mexican cuisines. Once you pick a recipe, {which comes with a price point} you want to replicate, you have to place an order. Before we go any further, we should make clear - a recipe includes listing prep time, how many servings it'll make, and a spice quotient, which you can alter of course.

After you place an order, they'll go shopping for you. No, really. They'll buy all the ingredients listed, measure the portions, chop your vegetables, peel the others, prepare a bag comprising everything you need to replicate the recipe, and home deliver it. All you've got to do is the final process of cooking. If you're worried about already chopped vegetables going bad, you have the option of picking a time for delivery, so you can ensure your stoves are hot, and you're ready when your ingredients arrive.

We weren't lying about that convenience! For those of you who don't want to go through the process of cooking, you have the option of having ready meals delivered, from the same menu you pick your recipes from. Because who doesn't dream of repeating what you cooked yourself last night; now, someone can replicate it, and have it sent to you. Winning.


For summer, Formybelly is also doing a new line of drinks and summer coolers, including watermelon with mint, and a ginger and lemon concoction, perfect for a mid-week detox.

For those who love cooking, but shopping for it gets the better of you, Formybelly is for you, and well, your belly.

Delivery Areas: Gurgaon and parts of South Delhi

Where: Pick a recipe and order online, here. 

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