We have the deli version, opening to mixed reviews, and the inevitable disappointment when a fellow city import’s taste doesn’t translate on home ground. But, life has taught us to give everyone a second chance. Especially given the memory of any bad experience at the Deli must have long faded.

The guys behind One Style Mile have brought to Delhi, Indigo, the restaurant. Set in ample space in Netaji Nagar, the restaurant opens with a red corridor and so far, good reviews. The space itself is divided into two areas, one dedicated to dining, and the other housing the bar and slightly more lounge seating – basically, where you’ll end up waiting, since Delhi will scramble to get themselves a taste of what’s new. The lounge boasts giant windows, opening on to the deck, having us wishing they had been up and operational in the thick of winter, so we could exploit the ten minutes of good weather we have in a year. As for the food, we’re hoping their Bombay genius translates, especially since they’ve added new signature dishes for the Capital folk. You know how Delhi likes its stuff personalised.

Think tons of open space, a One Style Mile {Olive} reminiscent vibe, lots of plants, lawns, steel grey and darker tones interiors, a deck, wooden seating, and all in all, near perfect in terms of outdoor ambience.

Here’s hoping we have ourselves a keeper.

Where: One Golden Mile, Netaji Nagar, Bhikaji Cama Place

Price: INR 5000 for two {approx}