Gentlemen, listen up, especially those of you coming out of your teens, defined by flip-flops, pants borrowed from Wu Tang Clan, and one too many oversized T-shirts. While we do think the hipster trend, shaven hair-do’s and tight muscle tees are infinitely better than most trends we’ve seen growing up {floaters}, they got nothing on a finely tailored, well-fitted, suit.

Buttons ‘n’ Threads, founded by two men who clearly agree with our men’s fashion choices, is an excellent place to get started for men looking to up their formalwear repertoire. Buttons ‘n’ Threads, an affordable luxury menswear brand, offers some of the finest quality of custom clothing, at prices that don’t break the bank. We just got wind of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, and let’s just say, even if it weren’t reasonable, we’d be ready participants. The collection features full tailored suits, separates in more neutral shades, and classic Glen plaid patterns. As for construction and detailing, each separate is made using 100 percent Australian Merino Wool from Huddersfield, with detailing inducing half canvas constructions, lapel boutonnieres, hand-finished pick sticking, and authentic horn buttons {far cry from our limited men’s fashion vocab, featuring double breasted, pin tucked and pin striped}. As for show stoppers, it has to go to the tweed blazer, the bold glen plaid and the brown check pieces, and the brown check six button peak laps vest. Also, for men getting suited for the wedding season, the velvet jackets make for great purchases.

If this all sounds too English Gentlemanly for you, we recommend investing in separates and teaming them with more modern, classic silhouettes, to add a touch of traditional in an otherwise contemporary outfit. If not for clothing, the LBB ladies recommend getting in touch with them for their customisation services. A suit made to order, finely fitted, with the highest quality of construction? Let’s just say even floaters might not distract. Might.

Where: To get in touch with them, and shop online, click here.