Because, you know, there’s more than one kind of Asian food favourite.

I think it’s safe to say that the days of American Chop Suey are only a sweet memory in the distant past. The new kind of Asian dining offering explores boundaries beyond Beijing, and we’re loving every bite of it.

Kitchens of Asia takes a non-canteen approach to Japanese cuisine, bringing classic flavours to some bolder menu innovations. Whether it’s Zucchini Robatayaki with Passion Fruit Ponzu & Sweet Soy, or Scallops with Garlic Teriyaki, we’re expecting small surprises tucked in between bites of expertly prepared food.

If you’re a sushi purist, you could stick to the classic Maki Rolls or the Sashimi & Nigiri menu. Or get ready to go rock and roll with their signature rolls , like Stuck On You {with spicy octopus, jalapeno, coconut and avacado} or Never Too Late {with soft shell crab tempura, radicchio and tobiko}.

With its rather elegant décor, this Asian kitchen keeps things classy. And looks all set to become the new classic.

Where: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-124-490 9361

For more information: Click here 

Prices: Approximately INR 1600 for a meal for two