This New Range By Innisfree Is Basically A Love Letter To Dry Skin


Khan Market, Delhi


Innisfree just launched its latest skincare range—the Jeju Lava Seawater range. We took it for a test run and here’s our verdict.

It’s All…Blue

First things first—whoever’s done the packaging of this range is a genius. The shaded electric blue is stunning. Even if you’re not a skincare buff, you still might lose that resolve you’re so proud of.

This range is concocted using lava seawater found under the lowest layer of the ocean, unexposed from the external environment. Which basically means it retains a high amount of natural anti-oxidants and minerals which are super good for you. Win!

Dive Deep

The range currently consists of six products: Skin {a moisture boosting toner} to be applied right after cleansing. After this, you can pick from two serums—Essence or Deep Essence. If there was only one thing you were to buy from this entire range, we say go with the Deep Essence—the glow on the skin is instantly noticeable once you layer this on your face.

The Lava Seawater Lotion {while hydrating} is quite lightweight, so you needn’t worry about your make-up slipping off. If you’re looking for a night cream, the Lava Seawater Cream can be a great option.

So We’re Saying…

If you’re looking for a hydrating skincare range for the winters but don’t want any of the oiliness and stickiness that usually comes with it, you’re going to love the Lava Seawater range. The texture of the products is winning for being super lightweight and hydrating at the same time. The Lava Seawater Deep Essence and Lotion were our favourites.

Price: Starting at INR 1,700


Khan Market, Delhi