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Ranthambore Festival


Souks, Cookouts, Films, Saxophones: The New Ranthambore Festival's Here

Shlagha posted on 10th January

What Is It?

A cultural showcase that’s perfect for all nature and heritage lovers. This three-day extravaganza is happening at the stunning Nahargarh Palace has a lot planned.

Start your day on a hot air balloon, sway to the music of a Sufi-sax collaboration by Fabrizio Cassol and Zila Khan, or learn to romance the keys with a hands-on workshop with Steinway artist Karl Lutchmeyer. Soak in the merry, crisp air at the drum circles every evening.

Who Is It For?


From start-up souks to traditional dance forms and even conservation talks and afternoon cookouts, it looks like they’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone. So whether you’re in it for the food and films, tigers or talks, or just the perfect break from the atrocity that 2017 already is for some of us, it’s going to be worth it.

Why Should I Go For It?


It’s a festival in a palace, so all the halls, courtyards, terraces, and avenues are going to be decked up. The curators have also handpicked 35 undiscovered folk musicians who will be performing.

Aaandd… as a bonus, there are some immensely gorgeous Instragrammable spots for all the selfie kings and queens out there.

Anything Else?

There’s only three days between the end of JLF and the start of the Ranthambore Festival, and they’re three hours away from each other, and both festivals have free registration, and it’s a great season to tour Rajasthan.

Here’s the link to their site so you can convince your friends and drag them along. Or just register right away if you’re planning on flying solo.

When: Jan 27 - 30

Where: Nahargarh Palace

Photos source: Ranthambore Festival

Ranthambore Festival