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New St+art Delhi, Stencil and Street Art Workshop with Rukkit

Editors posted on 4th March

By Editors

Tell me about Rukkit?

A Thai artist, he's done the regular graphic design house, freelance gigs and art director rigmarole for 4 plus years. Getting a lot of his inspiration from magazines, music packaging, typography and illustration, he began exploring his passion for illustration and graphic design on a brand new canvas {the streets} in 2011. Since then, he's extremely active in public spaces, particularly in Thailand. His technique is mainly stencil and is used to create figurative images, above all animals, constructed by intricate and colorful geometrical patterns.

So what do we get to do with him?

You get to participate, and join him on a stencil and street art workshop, brought to you by St+art and Asian Paints Colour, only after you submit applications, and are shortlisted by St+art, Delhi. They will provide all required material, so worry not. Just don't forget your creativity.

When: Sunday, 8th March

Where: TBA

Time: 10:30am-5:00pm

To send in applications, click here. 

Price: INR 1500

*Image courtesy, photograph taken by Pranav Mehta.

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