Indigo Deli Comes to Town | We’ve been watching, waiting and listening to one too many “any day now”, but Bombay favourite Indigo Deli has finally opened its heart and doors to us Dilliwaalas. It started operations on Friday, only for a select few, and it might take a few days before it opens to public. At least it’s here, and now we can rely on a lot more than hearsay! For the uninitiated, Indigo Deli is a Bombay institution, serving typical Deli food {done perfectly} including sandwiches, bagels and thin crust {and winning} pizzas. One too many trips to Bombay have taught us there’s nothing like their generous portions of dessert and homemade ice cream. We know in a sea of new restaurants and delis, this might seem like just another new kid on the block that may or may not pull its weight. But Indigo Deli should top your list of new places to check out, and we can almost guarantee they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Where: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Price: INR 2,000 for a meal for two {approx}

New Summer Menu at Olive | Olive Chef de Cuisine, Sujan S. has conceptualized a brand new menu at Olive, crafted using fresh seasonal produce and super light ingredients, perfect for this glorious weather. Combining New World Mediterranean and European cooking trends, the summer menu combines a variety of light and rare ingredients {soft goat cheese, salsify, melon, green apple, sweet heirloom tomatoes, broad beans, baby gem lettuce, endive, micro lettuce, Chilean Sea Bass, lobster, crab and duck}, to create a unique four course offering. With a focus on purity in reference to cooking techniques, Chef Sujan uses a lot of vegetables and different cuts of meat, and tries his hand at homemade sorbets and desserts in unusual flavours. Expect a four course meal, starting with either the Compressed Melon Terrine or Home Cured Salmon, going on to either the Char Grilled Baby Gem and Vegetable Salad or the Endive and Melon Salad, main coursing it with Corn Fed Chicken or the Rump of Lamb, and ending with a delectable range of desserts.

Where: One Style Mile, Mehrauli; Contact: 011 29574444

Price: INR 1,500 {lunch for two} and INR 2,200 {dinner for two}

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Liquor License at Hungry Monkey | This just in: Hungry Monkey finally gets their liquor license! The space is spread over three floors, with fantastic food and an even better terrace, and this news just added a cherry on their perfectly baked cake. However, since they only got their license three days ago, they’re limited in terms of what they’re serving; so far, it’s just Tuborg beer, whisky, rum, vodka, wine, and their signature cocktails.

Where: DDA Market, Safdarjung Enclave

Price: INR 1,200 a person {approx}

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Futomaki Now Delivers | If you follow the rise and fall of restaurants that open, and close just as quickly, in Hauz Khas Village, you’ll know Futomaki was one of them. One of the few places in Delhi serving authentic Japanese cuisine, they’re now back in the game, with a special home delivery service. All their chefs are Japanese, and ingredients are fresh, so you can be sure of authenticity. Although limited, their menu has on offer 4 Bento boxes {perfect for meals at work}, a range of Sushi rolls, rice dishes, and the choice of sides {fried chicken, chicken meatball, and/or prawn cream croquette}. Lucky for you, they start deliveries today, and they also ask that you place your orders in advance and allow for a 2 hour delivery time, since all their food is handmade.

Contact: Call 9953413810 or 9560183447

Price: The Bento Boxes are between INR 520 and INR 560, while the Sushi rolls are priced at INR 1530 {27 pieces} and INR 3060 {54 pieces}.

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