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New in Town | Skullcandy for Women

Aditi posted on 1st August

By Aditi Datta

Not only do we know beyond any reasonable doubt that men and women are from different planets, it seems that our experiences on this very planet are destined to be different in pretty much every aspect. This now includes music. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re always negotiating the TV volume {along with AC temperature} with your other half, Skullcandy has the answer for you. It turns out that women’s hearing is more sensitive at higher frequencies and they pick up on background noise at volumes 10 times lower than men’s thresholds. The reigning champions in picking up tension in a room also tend to experience tension in music more often than their male counterparts. So, it only makes sense for there to be a whole other, specially designed, line of headphones for women; headphones that deliver better acoustics to them, and also fit their smaller {in size only} head shape that tends to be more sensitive to clamping pressure. Thank you Skullcandy.

Where: Get them in funky colours and patterns at DLF Saket Mall, Pacific Mall on Najafgarh Road, Ambience Mall {Delhi & Gurgaon} and The Great India Place, Noida. You say potato; we heard you - loud and clear.

Price:Earphones start at INR 2299; headphones at INR 6999