Get Ready To Conquer 2017 With These Pretty Planners

Maanya posted on 25 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Whether you want to finally start blogging, plan all your meals, take a guitar lesson or pledge to volunteer over the weekends, this New Year promises to be eventful.

Organise yourself by penning down meticulous notes, deadlines, ideas and meetings in these planners, so you can slay in 2017.

Nappa Dori's Organiser

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast with a penchant for fine lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Crafted with soft genuine leather, this organiser comes with pen loops and several pockets for your cards or deceptively important scraps of paper that always seem to go missing.

Price: INR 3,600

Buy it online here.

Once Upon A Flutter's Midnight Planner

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast who finds inspiration in beautiful things. This planner has a cloth cover, illustrated endpapers, copper foil accents and even a quote to inspire good vibes and happy thoughts.

Price: INR 2,500

Buy it online here.

Origin One's Checklist

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast who likes to tackle things as they come. These six page checklists, for every month of 2017, will sort your life out one checklist at a time. You can buy these individually or as a set of six checklists, if 12 months is too much commitment.

Price: INR 2,425 for a set of 12 checklists

Buy it online here.

Letter Note's This Is My Year Organiser

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast who isn’t ready to grow up just yet. Keep your goals in perspective, but with a little bit of fun. Colour 2017 in vibrant colours and fill up the pages of this organiser with joyful details from your journey.

Price: INR 900

Buy it online here.

PropShop24's Who Run The World Planner

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast who is also quite glam. Make your to-do lists in style and stay super organised, while you secretly plot world domination.

Price: INR 450

Buy it online here.

Rubberband's The Notebook Organiser

It’s Perfect For: The no-nonsense, fuss-free stationery enthusiast. A matte black cover, a ribbon bookmark and neat, organised pages – this one is like a steady long-term relationship.

Price: INR 1,071

Buy it online here.

Type 7's Tribal Daily Planner

It’s Perfect For: The stationery enthusiast who loves silver linings and believes in all things boho. With a place for your daily schedule, phone calls and emails and notes, staying on top of things has never looked so good.

Price: INR 650

Buy it online here.