Namrata’s Gig Route

Our Deputy Editor Namrata flits from genre to genre depending on her mood, but will listen to anything once. Weekender is her favorite time of the year and this year she’s most looking forward to Thumpers and Mark Ronson.

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I usually get to Weekender only by 5pm, but I’m going to head fairly early this year and get the party started! First order of business- to get a buzz. A couple of those buckets would be perfect.

Bipul Chettri, 3.50pm @ The Dewarists – I’ve heard of him, heard his music and always been struck by the soul in the sound. Great way to start!

Dhruv Visvanath, 4.30pm @ Jack & Jones All Starr Jamm – DV’s got swag {you’ve seen his August Rush style of playing the guitar} and his new rock opera sound is something I’ve been looking forward to hearing!

The Clameens, 5pm @ Moto Spotlight – Time to move- and The Clameens are the perfect act to groove to. It’s going to be back-to-back shows though, when do I grab a bite?

Thumpers, 6.10pm @ Moto Spotlight – I’ll have a little time to spare before really getting into Thumpers. That’s my window to get some eats and of course, another bucket.

Noori, 6.30pm @ The Dewarists – If I run, I may catch the last few strains of Noori. If not, no harm, no foul ‘cause we’ve got Ronson up next!

Mark Ronson (OMG), 7pm @ Breezer Beat Camp – Who doesn’t love Uptown Funk? I dig this guy. Plus, international status, oh yeah!

A.R. Rahman, 8.45pm @ Bacardi Arena – The last show of the day- Mr. Rahman. He’s a living legend, so I’m gonna head and see how he fits into Weekender. Colour me intrigued, if you will.

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Chayan & Smiti, 3:50pm @ Jack & Jones All Starr Jamm – These two have my heart with their beautiful harmonies. I’m gearing up for a little trip down memory lane; their words always bring back a few emotions.

Begum, 4.50pm @ Moto Spotlight – After a little time to kill {I’ll be getting some moar buckets}, it’ll be Begum time! Hit me with some dream pop.

Hidden Orchestra, 5.30pm @ Breezer Beat Camp – Switching lines, Ima hit up the experimental vibes at Hidden Orchestra. Should be a change of pace, albeit a good one.

Pierce Brothers or Rodrigo? Considering one’s a tad melancholy and the other is full of life {I want to hear both}, I’m going to run between stages and catch as much as I can.

Rodrigo y Gabriela, 7pm @ The Dewarists

Pierce Brothers, 7.50pm @ Moto Spotlight

It’s almost over! Mogwai, 8.30pm @ Bacardi Arena – No better way to finish off the happiest festival, if you ask me.


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When: 28th Nov & 29th Nov

Where: Sector 10, Dwarka, Intersection of 205 and 211 Delhi Road {Close to the Sector 10 & 11 metro stations}

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