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Bacardi NH7 Weekender: Navigating the Festival

Aditya posted on 27th November

Aditya's Gig Route

Our Gurgaon Features Writer, Aditya loves the music festival season:The unbeatable live atmosphere is what he lives for. While he gives all forms of music the benefit of the doubt, he is most likely to gravitate towards indie electronica and anything with strong vocals, jazzy tunes or afro beats. He can't wait to see Flying Lotus and Mogwai.

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With music festivals you have to get something straight- a solid pre-game is a must. This could, and should, be continued when you reach the venue, but you’re all big boys and girls, and I’m sure you’ll figure out the best use of your goods before you get to Weekender.
Bipul Chettri, 3:50pm @ The Dewarists - The problem with a strong pre-game is that I probably wont arrive on Saturday till well into the sets. If I did make it, I would check out Bipul Chettri. Other than that I don’t see myself making it before 5 to 6pm.

Reggae Rajahs, 5pm @ Breezer Beat Camp - Heard them a lot but they will be the most active act playing then, and it will be about time to start getting active and get the juices flowing.

Nucleya, 5.50pm @ Breezer Beat Camp - By now, having not eaten all day, I will be STARVING. So time to grab some food and watch Nucleya’s set. Not because I’m a fan, but I just love watching his followers go ape shit and try to drop it like its hot.

Raghu Dixit Project, 6.50pm @ Bacardi Arena - By now I should be well drunk and ready to try things I wouldn’t otherwise. I’ll check out some Raghu Dixit for a bit before running for Ronson.

Mark Ronson (OMG), 7pm @ Breezer Beat Camp - Ok, so Saturday isn’t really my day. I’m really looking forward to Sunday, but if I’m here I can’t miss one of the headliners! So Ronson gets on my list, though on another day he might not have.

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Ugh, hangover. Like a parched vampire with garlic down my throat I will skulk in the shadows and avoid the sunlight. Sunglasses, water, hoodie on, lets get started then.

Begum, 4.50pm @ Moto Spotlight - I have to force myself to be there for Begum, because I love them and they are great. I will be functioning at a third of the mental capacity of the day before and their psychedelic riffs and vocals will help cradle me into a meditative state for the rest of the day.

SBTRKT (DJ Set), 6.40pm @ Breezer Beat Camp - After wandering about like a dipsomaniac zombie {Booze! Booze! I wants to drink your boooooze} for a while I’ll head over to check out the first few minutes of SBTRKT.

Rodrigo y Gabriela, 7pm @ The Dewarists - After leaving SBTRKT I’ll try and calm down with some multi-talented guitarists in Rodrigo y Gabriela. Saw some videos of them online and my curiosity must be satisfied or I won’t forgive myself.

Flying Lotus, 8pm @ Breezer Beat Camp - Tears of joy. I’ve missed Fly Lo’s sets multiple times while in college and to see him here, in the rowdy, rollicking mess that is Weekender will be a sweet, sweet feeling. Hopefully I won’t have blacked out by now so I can remember this wonderful moment.

Mogwai, 8:30pm @ Bacardi Arena - In a typically dickish move the universe once again will try and ruin my evening by playing my two favourite acts together. I think I’ll stay for the full hour of Fly Lo then rush across to wherever Mogwai is playing to catch the last 50 minutes.

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