Ten-Second Takeaway

A 108-year-old royal Ladakhi house, Nimmu House is now a luxurious eco-friendly heritage hotel in Nimmoo. Twenty five kms from Leh, it proves to be the ideal spot to acclimatise yourself to high altitudes before venturing further up the mountains.

Pocketful Of Sunshine

Nimmu House boasts a total of 30 rooms, five tents and two Buddhist temples. The hotel promotes the use of solar power and the water heaters all operate on solar panels. Needless to say, the rooms all get plenty of natural light.

You could alternately opt for one of the tents; don’t worry, these ooze luxury, no digging-your-own-toilet scenes here. These are spacious and have large bay windows with hammocks and chairs installed right outside. Nimmu House also has its own orchard where you can see apples, apricots, barley and walnuts, ensuring your stay here is fruitful.

tent Escape To Nimmu House, Ladakh For Sun And Snow

Read, Cook, Play

If, like us, you have at some point fantasised about making the perfect momos- this is where the magic is going to happen. Enrol yourself for some cooking classes at Nimmu. In addition to the momos, you’ll also learn how to bake the perfect apricot tart – yum! For the Doras amongst you, there’s plenty to explore: Village tours and hikes, rafting on the Indus, visiting the monasteries etc.

But if you want to curl up with a book from their library {there’s lots of material on Ladakhi and Tibetan culture} or indulge in a game of chess or carom, that’s perfectly dandy too.

We say, Leh here and just forget the world.

Where: c/o Nangso House Nimmu, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Contact: +91 8447757517

Price: Starting at INR 10,350. For a detailed price list, click here.

Feature image courtesy: Tripzuki


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