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Nischay Parekh's Indie Playlist

Suchita posted on 29 November

By Suchita S. 

Let me just start by saying I have a crush on Nischay Parekh. His music embodies everything I enjoy about the "indie" genre - it's playful, part melancholic-part effervescent, strung with lyrics that could hit the right chords, or make you wonder where that story's coming from. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Kolkata says "I think that we live in an age where we want a song that defines a chunk of our lives - whether it’s a year or a few hours. I think guys like Ben Howard write amazing songs and audiences around the world are ready to welcome those songs into their lives."

Listen to his tracks 'Panda' and 'I love you baby, I love you doll' from his new album Ocean- they have a beat that'll get your feet tapping and head bobbing, and will have you Googling the lyrics so you can sing along. There's this sense that he's doing his own thing and having fun with it, that comes through in his music. So what's it like to be an indie musician? "Indie music is an attitude more than anything else. A state of mind where an artist feels like he or she is invincible… I think what makes it awesome is the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you've done this on your own and people are appreciating your work. It’s also the freedom to say whatever you want and also in any manner of your choosing."

He's picked 8 of his favourite indie songs from all over the world for LBBD. Kick your feet up, press play, and enjoy Nischay's Indie Playlist.


Broken Social Scene | Art House Director

This is just the perfect modern rock song. The Indie vibe is bursting out of every little detail in the production. Broken Social Scene are one of my favourites.


Grizzly Bear | Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear are geniuses. They've taken pop music into a mysterious and other-worldly realm. This song is a modern classic.


Bahamas | Okay Alright I'm Alive

I love Afie and his music. It’s just rich in so many ways.


Feist | The Park

This song educated me in writing and aesthetics. Feist is a goddess.


Luke Temple | Old New York

Luke Temple is a great songwriter and this song defines a generation.


Dirty Projectors | The Socialites

Such a great band! Fantastic arrangement. They manage to be super experimental while throwing out some serious hooks.


Beck | Paper Tiger

Beck is a legend.


Little Dragon | Stormy Weather

Just hip, slick and minimal pop music. Great musicianship. This song introduced me to the beauty of Little Dragon.


Nischay will be performing at Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Delhi, at the MTS Other Stage on the 1st of December.