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Noida's Pizza Robberies Are Making Us Question What This World Has Come To

Navni posted on 20 January

According to a recent article by the Times of India, Noida’s pizza robberies have reached an all-time high {or low?}.

Frustrated pizza delivery boys have revealed that more than a dozen pizzas are stolen from them every week, while they’re en route to the rightful pizza recipients. Speculation suggests that these aren’t your run-of-the-mill common thieves but in fact, college students. They cover their faces with a cloth or a helmet, snatch the pizzas {typically, a delivery boy usually has four-five of these} and speed away.

The majority of these robberies go unreported, encouraging the hooligans to continue with their shenanigans.

Most of these robberies take place near Sector 58, Sector 62 and Knowledge Park post sunset, but there have been cases where this has happened in broad daylight too.

How do you think we can get them to stop? Maybe college canteens should up their game.