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Always Loved Crime Thrillers? Noir Literature Festival’s For you

Rene posted on 31 December

What Is It?

This free for all {woohoo!} three-day literature festival {Jan 27 - 29} happening at Oxford Bookstore in CP is for all crime thriller junkies. It has a host of sessions with writers from across the world, along with an exploration of the genre with noted scriptwriters and directors.

See you at the crime scene, then?

Who Is It For?

Everyone who thinks they can track clues better than Sherlock or likes living life on the dangerous edge. 

Why Should I Go For It?


You have a chance to discuss red herrings, gruesome murders and interesting plot premises with people like Abheek Barua, Aditya Sinha, Ashwin Sanghi, Laura Elizabeth Woollett, Madhulika Liddle, Poonam Saxena, Shashi Warrier, Paromita Vohra and more.

The prospect of discussing literary works with the usual suspects is interesting, right?

Anything Else?

Go get monocles and a mackintosh, and for more info, go here.

Photo source: Noir Literature Festival 

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Book Stores
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