Not Just Hot Dogs, 24×7 Also Has Epic Waffles The Next Time You’re Hungry At Midnight

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These amazing waffles have been hiding under your nose for so long!

Waff It Up

24×7 may not boast of waffles on their menu, but it is your duty to ask for them. The convenience store just lived up to its name by giving us the perfect snack {we won’t do waffles the disservice of limiting them to just breakfast}. You don’t have to pick up hot dogs or frozen pizzas anymore, now that you can have warm and fresh waffles whenever you want.

They are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Waffles are cut into little bites and are perfect for sharing. Available in the flavours Hazelnut, Chocolate and Maple Syrup, you can eat these decadent beauties fresh off the griddle. Further covered in sauces, you can have them right there or to go. You can also ask for plain waffles that come dusted and coated in white sugar and cinnamon to eat just so or to douse them in a syrup of your choosing.

Eat the thick, fluffy triangles by yourself or take little bites to be shared, we are forewarning you, there are never enough, so you might want to buy a few extra boxes. At INR 199 per serving of waffles, you won’t even deny yourself the indulgence.

So We're Saying...

Available at the 24×7 store on Golf Course Road in Central Plaza Mall, and the one in sector 57, you ought to check your nearest 24×7 for availability.


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