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Now, Covering Your Face Not Allowed On The Delhi Metro

    After two unidentified men robbed the Rajindra Place metro station {they made away with INR 12 lakh}, NDTV reports that Delhi metro commuters will now not be allowed to cover their faces using surgical masks, mufflers, dupattas or anti-pollution masks.

    Safety First

    Officials have said that only terminally ill patients will be allowed to cover their faces using a mask or cover. Everyone else will have to remove their face covers while being frisked.

    Previously, only people who were deemed ‘suspicious’ were asked to remove their face covers during frisking but it will now be mandatory. This will ensure that all faces are seen by security personnel and are also captured on CCTV cameras. 

    In fact, the CISF has expanded its security apparatus at various stations. They’ve moved the door-frame metal detectors and baggage X-ray machines closer towards the entry gate, which means passengers are frisked and their luggage is scanned much earlier than before.

    At a number of stations, the height of the glass partition is also gradually being increased to about six feet, and the force is deploying its personnel in mufti as spotters to keep an eye on miscreants active in these areas.