Now, Pay INR 5,000 if you Litter or Pee in Public


We read this article in The Hindustan Times, and we were absolutely delighted. Basically, it says that since the Swacch Bharat Mission isn’t having the desired effect {ya think?} there will now be fines on littering, and peeing in public.

To Pee or Not to Pee

Thankfully, that may not be the question anymore. The Centre has asked states to start levying fines for littering, open defecation and public urination as soon as April 30 {the quicker the better, if you ask us}.

The article states that littering or urinating in public places could invite penalties ranging between INR 200 and INR 5,000—States have been told to ensure there are public toilets, door-to-door garbage collection facilities and dustbins at public places in wards where the fines kick in.

Well, April 30 can’t come soon enough for us. Till then, read the entire article here.