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Now, Travel All Over Delhi Using A Common Mobility Card

The govt has decided to launch a project to ensure seamless travel on public transport, called the Common Mobility Card, and we’re super-excited.

Currently slated to kick off in July, Delhiites will be able to travel on metro trains, DTC and cluster buses using only this mobility card; the government is still finalising the modalities of the project, so it will be rolled out in phases.

Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai has said that, “We will launch the Common Mobility Card project in July this year through which passengers can travel in metro trains, DTC buses and cluster buses {orange} run by DIMTS. The project will be launched on a trial-basis in Delhi.” 

By the end of June, fares will be charged in all DTC buses and cluster buses through e-ticketing machines, post which the government will move towards the launch of the card.

“As per the plan, while boarding the bus a commuter will have to give this card to the conductor, who will swipe it in an e-ticketing machine and, just before getting off the vehicle, he or she will again have to swipe the card in the ETM and fares will be automatically deducted like the metro,” the minister said. {Well, not exactly like London’s Oyster card then, but we’re glad the conductors all won’t lose their jobs}.

To strengthen the public transport system, the Delhi government has chalked out a concrete plan, including buying 3,000 new buses, installation of CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi services in buses. CCTV cameras have already been installed in over 200 DTC buses so far.

We’re really hoping this project does well. What about you?