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    Not A Single Drop Of Oil In These Delish Munchies? That's Nuts!

    Parul posted on 13 July

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Stay away from greasy snacks stuffed in bags that were packed ages ago and choose a healthier munchie option with Nutty Gritties’ products that contain all the goodness of nuts and dry fruits and are roasted without a single drop of oil {yay}.

    Just As It Is

    Check out Nutty Gritties’ premium range of dry fruits that are ideal to cook and bake with. Choose from Mangalorean Cashews to Sanora Almonds or try the ready-to-eat roasted versions. We loved the Pepper Cashews or dry-roasted California Almonds {this has pistachios too}.

    Their YUM range comes in compact boxes that are easy to store and carry and we absolutely loved the Honey Sesame Almonds. For a more indulgent snack, the Cheddar Cheese Cashews and Barbeque Almonds are perfect.

    Mix it Up

    If you prefer a snack that’s more fortified, let us introduce you to the Gourmet Trail Mixes that bring together nuts, seeds and dried fruit slices. For a desi fix, try the Bombay Mix with raisins, chickpeas, dried mango, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Breakfast is better with their Cinnamon Apple Mix, lightly sweetened and perfectly spiced.

    The range of dried fruits include cranberries, pomelo, prunes, cherries and goji berry and they make great toppings on yogurt. The best part is that Nutty Gritties has curated lunch boxes with their products, so you can buy a full fitness meal kit with lots of healthy things like chia seeds, nuts and berries.

    So, We're Saying...

    Pamper your body and mind with a guilt-free snack that’s yummy too – hey, that almost never happens! Shop Nutty Gritties here. Prices start at INR 65 for Indian Green Raisins.

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