Get a Customised Asian Meal Box Delivered from Obento

Mahima posted on 23 February


Gurgaon has yet another lunch delivery service, and this one’s for the Asian food lover. Obento delivers healthy and fully customisable Bento boxes and dim sums to your doorstep.

What’s in the box?

The all vegetarian menu comprises the Bento: You can select the base, sauce, veggies, and add-ons. The bento box is not compartmentalised as you would expect; everything comes mixed together. There is a good variety of dim sums to choose from as well.

You can also choose the time slot of your delivery, along with payment option on their app.

Our experience

The food ordering and selecting of the ingredients is quite convenient. Our food arrived bang on time and for a change, didn’t require re-heating. We chose Udon Noodles with Hot Garlic Sauce along with bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, carrot from the veggies section and baby corn, fried onion and peanuts from the add-ons {confusing, we know}.

The sauce was spot on and we loved the texture of the noodles. The vegetables added a nice crunch. You can only choose three add-ons, and after a mental wrestle between burnt garlic and peanuts, the latter won. It was the best ingredient decision because they lent a much needed nuttiness to the meal. And peanuts are awesome.

The Mix Veg Dim Sums were delicious and generously stuffed. We also liked the tangy sauce they sent along with it. We’re pretty keen on trying their Sui Mai dumplings next time.

The catch

You can only order through the app. Also, the menu is very limited; it’s good that they are doing only a few things and getting them right, but adding a few desserts or drinks would be great. Unlike most of their contemporaries that serve areas of South Delhi too, Obento currently only delivers in Gurgaon.

Will we order again?

Definitely! The price point is a little higher than what we usually like to spend on lunch {the total bill for a bento box and dim sums was around INR 420}  but the portions were pretty big, and can easily be shared between two people.

The entire process of selecting the ingredients of your Bento box is exciting. You can play around with a lot of different combinations each time you order. So go ahead, try it out.

Where: Get the app here for iOS and here for Android.

Price: INR 450 for two {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here