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Sweet Love of Mine | Our {current} Favourite Desserts in Town

Editors posted on 9th October

By the Sweet Sinners*

"Dessert is the answer, who cares what the question is?"

Gone are the days when, in Delhi, a good red velvet cupcake, an all too decadent cheesecake are hard to find… or desserts like creme brulee, or mille-feuille sound unfamiliar. Today we've got chefs like Manish Mehrotra breaking stereotypes, and chains like DIVA constantly putting out an array of desserts. And alongside, we've also got the classic favourites from places, tiny and large, that are decades old.

Given that it's the season to be jolly and give in to the good things in life, here's a few of our {current} favorite desserts in town. The good news is, we're just getting started. Over the course of the next few months, we'll be curating a set of desserts that are guaranteed to uplift your mood, illicit a cake-gasm, and expand your waistline by just a bit- but it's totally worth it.

Holding on to our love for desserts and everything sweet, let the indulgence begin!

In order of price {highest to lowest}

Mishti Doi Cannoli, Indian Accent {The Manor Friends Colony} 


If you think that mishti doi is only best enjoyed in mitti ka kullar in Calcutta, this will turn that belief upside down! A perfect excuse to indulge in Indian dessert at our favorite Indian restaurant possibly in the country- not too sweet, not too heavy, a fantastic filling covered by a crisped to perfection crust.

Mississippi Mudpie, Big Chill {Khan Market, Vasant Kunj, Saket, Kailash Colony}


One cannot truly discover Big Chill until they try their Mississippi Mudpie. A layer of coffee ice cream, followed by a layer of chocolate ice cream, then a layer of peanut butter atop the melt-in-your-mouth crust makes this dessert truly decadent and divine. But that's not all- it's topped off with Big Chill's special chocolate fudge, justifying this dessert as the subject of many a craving.

Philly + Plum Cheesecake, Smokehouse Deli {Khan Market and Hauz Khas Village}


A good cheesecake is never too sweet or too loaded with chocolate, the texture is neither too crumbly nor too hard, and it's just right to wrap up a meal for two, though of course, going solo works too! Smokehouse Deli's cheesecake checks all the boxes for us, and that's why we can never get enough of it. The delectable plum sauce adds that tangy, fruity profile to it, and Smokehouse Deli gets brownie points for the presentation.

Chocolate Soufflé, Diva- The Italian Restaurant {GK2}

Diva- The Italian Restaurant was one of the first places in Delhi to introduce a chocolate bomb kind of dessert, and it still maintains its quality. You almost don't want to dig into the perfection of the soufflé for fear of losing the chocolate filling. But once you take a bite, you find that the chocolate crust combines with the deliciously hot, melted chocolate inside to form a fabulous dessert, which is a must for every chocolate lover.

Red Velvet Cupcake, Chokola {Khan Market}


Roll out the red carpet for the elitist cupcake. A pretty piece on the table, with a red paper cut-out around the cupcake- it looks delicious and tastes just that. Unlike the red velvet cake or pastry, this one is firm with a creamy frosting on top and thankfully, isn't a crumbling fortress of sweet.

Fruit Tarts, Nathu Pastry Shop {Bengali Market}


Let's be honest, a lot of sweet somethings attract us because of the way they look, and the fruit tarts here score high, both on presentation and taste. A small pastry base, with dollops of cream topped with cut slices of kiwi, papaya and a cherry- best eaten in front of people who do not judge you by your table manners! The cream is fluffy, not too heavy and the fruits are fresh. Best bit, it's very pocket friendly.

p.s. for a fruit tart in South Delhi, we're partial towards the one at Raro, Defence Colony

Balushahi, Hira Sweets {Laxmi Nagar & CP}

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 11.49.43 AM

As a child, if your late night memory is that of driving down with parents to a local eatery to counter the sweet cravings, then Hira Sweets has to be on the list. The balushahi, which the decades-old eatery is most known for, invokes nostalgia. The brownish-red desi sweet is heavy on ghee and if you're not the calory- conscious type, then dig into this. The Indian version of a doughnut, dunked in the goodness of ghee, is soft inside and we bet that one can just never be enough.

Jalebis, Old and famous Jalebi Waala {Chandni Chowk}


Not for the faint hearted, calorie conscious or presentation obsessed person, this is downright heavy duty indulgence blushing in shame. Super cheap, super yummy, with a sweet hangover, and if you're feeling adventurous, try  jalebis dipped in rabri {a yogurt+flour delicacy}


Chocolate Paan, Paan Waala {B- Block, Derawala Nagar}

This is not your run of the mill paan- the paan here is coated in chocolate, then dipped in chocolate, and then topped with dark chocolate chips. With every bite, you get a burst of flavour of the chilled paan, and the chocolate compliments it wonderfully. The cherry on top is literally the cherry on top!


Have any recommendations? Leave a comment telling us about it and we can add it to Part 2 of Our Favourite Desserts in Town.

*{Compiled by Upasana Gupta, Somya Lakhani and Garima Bakshi}

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