Old Mom's Kitchen Stocks Delish, Healthy Pre-Mixes To Make Your Life Easier


    Shave time in the kitchen and get these healthy and delicious pre-mixes by Old Mom’s Kitchen. Expect simple, home-style cooking, with the added ingredient of mom’s love, for when you’re feeling homesick.


    The Rava Idli mix by Old Mom’s Kitchen is a convenient serving of a classic recipe. This might just become a staple in many kitchens because it can easily be transformed into upma or uthapam also. The idlis are super light and spongy; just like they should be.

    The other product is their Moong Dal Halwa pre-mix. While this drastically cuts down prep time for halwa, this isn’t a mix per se, and you do have to add ghee, sugar and nuts to the mix. On the upside, that means complete control on sugar intake and even the option of subbing it with Sugar-Free or Stevia.

    What’s Next?

    Currently, Old Mom’s Kitchen just has two products, the Rava Idli mix and Moong Daal Halwa mix.  Their Coconut Chtuney Powder is next in line, and we’re eager to check that out!

    That’s also just the tip of the iceberg, because they have a whole bunch of products coming soon. We’re talking about mixes for vadas, bhallas {need this one asap}, poori pithhi, bhakarwadi, sooji halwa and good old dosa, to name a few.