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OLEK’s Back for a Public Performance Protesting Violence against Women

Kasturi posted on 5th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

As an active supporter of women’s rights, sexual equality and freedom of expression, OLEK is back in Delhi to work on a public performance involving women in India, and crocheting.

Who is OLEK?

Born Agata Oleksiak in 1978 in industrial Poland, OLEK's love for art led her to leave her gritty, narrow-minded hometown of Silesia.

She was here in Delhi to work with St+Art, where she chose one of the local homeless shelters {Raien Basera}, which provide people with temporary lodging overnight, and hired local women and refugees from Afghanistan to help with hers creation. It’s a very important message about the reality of urban poverty in New Delhi.

She feels that her work here is unfinished and thus, she’s back {after her stunning show in New York} to support women with a fabulous public performance.

Ravelling and Unravelling

Using an impressive metaphor, she plans to hold a two-hour long public performance on March 8, denouncing violence against women. Women will be crocheting with twine from previously made {now unraveling} aprons. The lips of the performing women will be covered with black ribbon. An explicit comment on the continuous labour of women and their silence, this is going to be exceptional.

aiop2015-6OLEK says, “For three hours we were crocheting a new apron by unraveling an existing one {in NY}. The artwork is destroyed as it is created, and created out of its own destruction in an infinite loop. Like the perpetual punishments of Sisyphus or Prometheus, a woman's work is never finished. Subject and object, static and metamorphic, old and new, enduring and fleeting, public and private, concealed and revealed, traditional and innovative, decay and renewal, are all interchangeable.”

Want to Join?

OLEK is looking for women who know how to crochet and will be willing to join the performance. The yarn will be paid for and you can get in touch with her at with the subject line, ‘Namaste’.

We’re super excited and hope you go for it!