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On the Right Track | Big Surprise by Prateek Kuhad

Kartik posted on 26th June

By Kartik Mahajan

Prateek Kuhad is certainly one of the names worth getting to a venue early for, or even late, if you enjoy music with a sense of heart to it. I've actually featured Prateek in this section before and many many readers thoroughly enjoyed his track, and went on to enquire as to how and where they could get their hands on his album. Fortunately, social networking helps quite a bit. However, with artists like Prateek, I occasionally get the feeling that people would rather actually buy the album, than say 'Yo can I borrow your CD and rip it' or 'can I give you my pen drive.' Prateek has a new album coming out soon, and this one is going to be in English. I'm going to let you to decide what section of the lyrics appeal to you the most, and look forward to hearing back from you about why these words have had an impact on you.

One of the first glimpses into the new album comes from the recently uploaded video called Big Surprise. Slated to be on Prateeks new album, the track is signature Prateek Kuhad. It's calm and collected, with an acoustic guitar as the basis of the melody, and a pleasure to listen to, like any of the tracks on his previous album. Shot outdoors, the lighting and vibe of the video adds to the allure of the song. The video and song feature two other musicians as well. First up, a name we are getting increasingly familiar with, and for good reason - Nikhil Vasudevan. Nikhil does percussions on this track and as can be expected, you'll notice the percussions being a guiding layer of sorts for the whole track. His work with his Jazz project, Syncopation, is really worth listening to if you have even the slightest fascination with the genre. Another name featured in the video is Nawa Lanzilotti. She plays the Cello for the track, and I'm hoping there's a lot more where that came from on the album; guess we'll know when it comes out. I've always felt that the Cello is a bit under-utilised with respect to newer bands, and man am I glad to see it here!

Go ahead and have a listen!

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