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On the Right Track | Collection from Rounak Maiti

Shantanu posted on 10th July

By Shantanu Pandit

Rounak Maiti is a singer/songwriter from Bombay. I’ve been acquainted with Rounak's music for awhile now. I try to stay up to date with the local Indie music scene, and amidst all the elaborate and highly processed, beat-y sounds, to find something minimal and organic is, for me, profoundly refreshing. Rounak has an Indie pop/folk sound, with an immensely strong sense of melody and songwriting. His sound is really nice and mellow, even though there’s a lot happening in some of his songs. On hearing him sing, the first impression I got was of an incredibly big heart. His voice is so potent, and strong, with his guitar/keyboard playing complimenting it all perfectly. His singing is further accentuated by well written lyrics and overall swell songwriting.

Further, I think it’s awesome that Rounak has his own DIY setup, through which he records all his material, and regularly updates his soundcloud with new songs. It’s informal and warm, and gives this organic, homegrown touch to the whole thing, just like his music. “Cleveland”, “On The Sea”, “Late to Rise” and “Room With a View” are some of Rounak's songs written that really do it for me. Have a listen!

He recently informed me that he will be releasing some of his music next month. I’m super excited to see which songs he chooses from his existing collection on soundcloud, or if there’s going to be any new material.

Rounak Maiti is certainly one of my favourite local indie acts, and I highly recommend his music.