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On the Right Track | The Aftermath by Guillotine

Kartik posted on 1st October

By Kartik Mahajan

Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, the fact of the matter is that of all the western and western influenced music that we listen to in the country, heavy metal is by far the most popular, and has the largest and most hardcore following out there. Every big festival has included atleast one massive metal act to go along with the heart shaped candy-flip DJs, and the alternative attempts at alternative music that get featured. The most popular bands in the country too are arguably all metal bands, from Scribe, to Bhayanak Maut, and when these guys and their likes come out to play, it is probably a holiday at IIT.

Enter Guillotine. They opened for Metallica {no, not at that sorry excuse for a concert with overpriced beverages in Delhi/Gurgaon}, but at the concert that actually happened in Bangalore. Guillotine has some of the youngest, most talented, and spaced out members as part of their band, and after 4 years of mostly just hanging out, they've decided to come out with a new album. The first track off of that album is called The Aftermath, and it is just a sweet sweet track. Don't bother trying to understand what the lead singer Karan is saying, because that, I am convinced {about metal in general}, is really not the focus of the track, or the intent of the listening experience. Pay attention to the melodies, the variations, and the sheer brute force of Takar Nabam wrestling what could only be an angry Himalayan brown bear while playing music. They are playing at the Outrage festival soon. A1 quality.