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Suhoor To Iftar: Check Out These 5 Chefs For Tasty Ramadan Recipes

    Marked by fasting from dawn till dusk, Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims and with the current COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, this year is bound to be at home and more low-key. But there's one thing that can make up for it a bit: Delicious food!

    Here are five chefs that you should follow to learn and try amazing Ramadan recipes from around the world.

    Sumayya Usmani

    Pakistani food writer Sumayya Usmani's blog features both traditional and adventurous Ramadan recipes that'll make your Iftar evenings more interesting. From biryanis to tikkas and mint, pomegranate samosas (definitely on our list), you'll find it all here and the pictures are a delight.

    You can follow her on Instagram (@sumayyausmani) where she regularly teaches new recipes through IG Live.

    Sawsan Abu Farha

    If you're looking to try some Middle Eastern recipes this Ramadan, then your search ends with Sawsan Abu Farha AKA Chef in Disguise. A chef of Palestinian heritage, she regularly shares authentic Middle Eastern, Levantine, and Arabic recipes on her Instagram handle (@chefindisguise) and website, with keen insights into the history and origin of these recipes. FYI, her food photography skills might make you a bit jealous.

    Ayesha Razak

    Vanilla Milk Cake, Cookie Dough Truffles, Rose Ice Lollies, Chilli Cheese Rice Balls - Damn! - Ayesha Razak's My Big Fat Halal Blog is gastronomic heaven. Her website and Instagram page (@mybigfathalalblog_) also feature some healthy smoothie bowl recipes that we think are great for suhoor.

    Amanda Saab

    A former MasterChef US contestant, Amanda Saab posts and shares Ramadan recipes for salads, baked treats, healthy appetizers, and smoothie bowls on her Instagram handle (@amandasplate) and blog Amanda's Plate. She also writes about kitchen tips that you can follow during Ramadan which we think are pretty handy.

    Shaziya Shaik

    Shaziya Shaik is an Indian food blogger and Youtuber whose homemade Iftar recipes are super easy to follow and there's no fancy ingredients or equipment involved. (Budget cooking, here we come). Her recipes for KFC-style chicken and healthy, refreshing drinks are our personal favourites.