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Order Your Next Office Lunch Online From These Places

Ritika posted on 06 January

For those lazy days when you don’t feel like picking up your phone to call someone who probably won’t understand your order correctly the first time anyway, or are stuck in a meeting during lunchtime, consider these quick online options for a wholesome meal delivered to your desk.

Fresh Menu

Economical and with great food, their menu keeps changing. There are lots of options for healthy eaters and they even mention the calorie count {e.g. Three Bean Quinoa Salad has 110 calories}. Their packaging is great and they claim they don’t add any MSG. Do try their Chicken Quesadilla and the Tofu & Veggies in Soya Chilli Sauce. For drinks, they only offer Paper Boat products.

Price: Starting at INR 150

Order online here.

Inner Chef

Inner Chef’s got a great range of Paninis {try the Chicken Kri Kri or Paneer Pestoni} which come with a side of salad and a little cookie. They also do some great pastas and desserts {the lemon cake especially} and Indian meals such as Purani Dilli Ka Kadhai Paneer with Malabar Paranthas. They’ve recently introduced breakfast and we’re loving the Deccan Delight Platter.

Price: Starting at INR 160 for a sandwich

Order online here.


This one’s a delivery service {very prompt} that shows restaurants near you, and for a charge like INR 30 and no minimum order, you can order from joints that might not have their own delivery service! Only downside: They don’t pack the food themselves, so always make sure you have plates and spoons handy.

Price: Depends on the restaurant you choose to order from

Order online here.

Salad Days

They’ve got vegetable salads, fruit salads and non-vegetarian salads. Our personal picks include the Asian Noodle Salad, Wild Rice and Chicken Salad and the Seafood Salad. You can wash these down with one of their cold-pressed juices.

Price: Starting at INR 220 for a salad

Order online here.

Food Cloud

Pretty similar to Bite Club, Food Cloud lets you narrow down your search according to locality, ordering today or tomorrow, and cuisine. They have close to 100 home chefs so the variety is immense. They also frequent do special menus on occasion such as their four course Christmas menu.

Price: Starting at INR 200

Order online here.


Frsh’s menu is a melange of big sandwiches loaded with veggies and sauces and filling salads. We loved the Herb Chicken Peanut Sandwich, and the Orange, Nuts, and Chicken Salad, with herb-marinated grilled chicken, oranges, sweet corns, walnuts, raisins, and peanuts all tossed together.

Price: Starting at INR 250 {approx.}

Order online here.