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PepperTap Gets Your Groceries in Gurgaon With Just A Few Taps

Aditi posted on 28 March

[alert type=white ]Peppertap has now shut down![/alert]By Aditi Datta

If ever evidence were needed to support the notion that time does indeed fly, I suggest we look no further than our stack of groceries. Didn’t we just do a round at the supermarket?

It seems to me that that time of the week comes more often than it should. Just when I feel more accomplished than Frances aka Baby did for carrying a watermelon {Dirty Dancing is clearly never off my mind}, I seem to have to haul that darned watermelon all over again.

Making it all a little less painful is the new website/app called PepperTap – quite simply, groceries on tap. Fresh fruit and veg {that are actually fresh}, snacky foods and beverages, household and healthcare, baby things and pet care, triple A batteries and Navratri food, PepperTap comfortably handles all your products for bed, bath and beyond.

We like the simple website and ever simpler app. We like knowing what's available and what's not without a conversation. We like that delivery is usually within a two hour time-slot. And as much as we’re capable of carrying our own grocery bags, sometimes it’s great to just not have to.

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PepperTap is a beautifully designed online/app-based grocery store that delivers your order within two hours or at your chosen time, anywhere in Gurgaon. PepperTap stocks fresh produce, household goods, bath and beauty products, the odd kitchen utility or two, and most other regular supermarket items.

 For more information and to order: Click here

Contact: Call +91-8882089000

Prices: Free delivery for orders over INR 250. Delivery charge of INR 50 applicable for orders below. No minimum billing.