This Store Has Got Office Wear That Fits Every Body Type Like A Glove


Sartorial impressions are never as important as when you’re at work. And, we’ve got just the store that doesn’t just have smart silhouettes in luxurious fabrics, but even tailors them so you can get the perfect fit.

What Makes It Awesome

Fable Street is all about working women who probably have better things to worry about than garments that are too uncomfy to bear. And so, understanding their needs, they use only breathable fabrics for extreme comfort. Plus, their designs are minimal and will blend perfectly in a corporate environment, but still have you looking stylish and chic.

We’ve all had our disappointing moments when we order something kick-ass online, but it just doesn’t fit on us the way it did on the model. Fable Street is breaking that barrier by giving you pieces that are tailor-made for you. All you have to do is choose a piece you like (from shirts and pants to dresses and jackets, they’ve got all), upload your body measurements and they’ll handle the rest. Awesome, right?

What Could Be Better

Some of their pieces are on the expensive side. Also, for those who love bright colours, their palette is limited to more subtle shades.