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    Oooh… Snap! | Snap2Door Photo Printing Services

    Aditi posted on 07 February

    By Aditi Datta

    It’s only when we noticed an alarming pile-up of gorgeous photo frames, all gifted, that we realised we had such few prints. While photo frames have only grown in popularity as a gifting item, especially for those folk who you know only medium well, far too many of them lie in wait for us to transfer pictures from our digital devices, send them to the the local print shop who have proudly banished their analog ways, only to pick them up on our way back from another errand.

    The truth is, our Kodak moments now actually belong to front-facing cameras. Sure, we carry our DSLRs on some occasions, but when something really, really funny or especially sweet happens, the fastest finger first tends to belong to those talented individuals whose long arms are only put to shame by kanoon.

    Surely it couldn’t be long before someone figured out how to make printing from phones simpler. And snap! A new service arrives.

    Snap2Door is an Android and iOS app available for free, which puts all our favourite memories down on paper, of both the matte and glossy kind.

    Once you open the app, you can go straight to your phone’s photo album/camera roll/gallery or even better, link directly to your Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr accounts. Tick the ones you’d like to print, and wait two ticks while the pictures get uploaded {ideally on Wi-Fi}. The application recommends the largest picture size feasible based on pixel density, although bigger isn’t necessarily better {oh, get your mind out of the gutter!} and so we suggest choosing a smaller size on occasion from their drop down menu.

    That’s it. Enter address {to be stored for future use} plus payment details, and wait for a neatly packaged courier to prompty reach you. Ours was here in about 2-3 working days. We love that it works so smoothly – its performance is far more consistent than our shocking attempts to keep our eyes open for the camera.

    Snap2Door deletes all pictures from their files upon confirmed delivery, and we’ve only had quick, pleasant chats with their staff limited to bare essential details. They also print posters and collages, so if you haven’t thought of any other presents for 14th February, you can camouflage convenience with sentimantality and effort. At least the latter isn’t entirely true, since we found Snap2Door honestly effortless. And we’ll flash ancient wisdom as and when we see fit – it’s the thought, after all, that counts!

    Notes in our Little Black Book | 

    Snap2Door is a mobile photo-printing service that allows you to select all the pictures you’d like transferred on paper, from across any of your social sharing platforms, not the least of which is your phone. Prints as small as 2”x2” and as large as poster size will be shipped directly to you in 3-5 working days.

    For more information: Click here

    Contact: +91-8527195065

    Prices: 4×6 inch pictures at INR 5.9 each, 5×7 inch pictures at INR 9.9 each, 20×30 inch posters at INR 999.

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