Ten-Second Takeaway

For all manic organisers who’re obsessed with storage ideas, The Luggage Room in CP, has trunks, cupboards, drawers and shelves to sit on and/or survey. You can drop by anytime after Sept 1 and choose from a mind-boggling variety of cuisines – Indian, Italian, European, Oriental and Mediterranean.

It’s A Packed Menu

290816_LuggageRoom1No one can deny the importance of packing, unpacking or stowing away stuff. But who’d have thought that this simple act of stuffing our drawers or sulking about cupboard space could inspire a themed restaurant?

Well, someone did. And, we’re only too eager to eat our kebabs from a box-y suitcase {Hindi movie flashbacks of rich girl kidnapping and Lonawala-wala bungalow are a given}. There are salads, soups, chaat, sandwiches and pastas to start with, and a full-blown main course menu that’s as exhaustive as it gets.

So basically, they’re hoping that no real foodie will go home disappointed.

Leave The Baggage Behind

290816_LuggageRoom2A well-stocked bar is all you need to forget that ugly break-up or that boss-from-hell. The peeps at The Luggage Room offer to make it easy with the alcohol {single malts, vodkas, cocktails and wines} and a selection of shakes or smoothies for those who prefer to stick to emotional eating instead. In fact, if you have more people to diss, you can follow up with hookah.

A word of caution: If you’re an enthu cutlet who likes catching the first day first show, know that The Luggage Room will start serving alcohol only Sept 7 onwards. Plan wisely.

Where: M-39, Connaught Place, Outer Circle

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Photos courtesy: The Luggage Room