From Shampoos To Detergents, This Personal & Home Care Brand Does All Things Organic


Bare Necessities is a women-run enterprise that is promoting a waste free lifestyle. This zero-waste lifestyle and personal care brand is doing natural, eco-friendly products that are ethical and cause no harm to the earth.

They Take Trash Talk Seriously

Bare Necessities was started by Sahar Mansoor, a woman who lives a zero-waste lifestyle in Bengaluru. She wanted to create a range of products that aren’t just made ethically and naturally, but also cause the earth absolutely no harm. Unlike plastic and other material which we find our other products coming in, their packaging is also recyclable. Their range of handmade products cover personal care brilliantly. They have compostable bamboo toothbrushes, rose and coconut oil make-up remover {which works as a great face cleanser}, terracotta and coffee body scrubs, beeswax lip balm and even a natural, aerosol-free dry shampoo. Because they are strongly against the use of any sort of chemicals in their products, their home care products include the likes of Neem based surface cleaner {fights grime like a pro}, lemongrass dish-washing detergent and baby-safe laundry detergent. They all manage to get out all kinds of stains out without adding to the depleting ozone layer or adding to environmental pollution. They even have alternatives to plastic straws with bamboo and stainless steel ones which are better for the environment and look nicer in your drink too. All these good-for-everyone products are encouraging us to take a hard look at our life and make some much-needed changes.

So, We're Saying...

Their initiative is commendable and if you’re hoping to lead a zero-waste lifestyle {or are at least working towards it}. Shop here and make every purchase decision count.