Nuts About Coconuts? The Coconut People Has All Natural Products Perfect For Every Weather!


If you’re nutty about what you put on your body AND inside your body, if you won’t put anything on your skin that you can’t pronounce, The Coconut People’s organic and chemical-free products are a must try! 

From cosmetic uses in front of your mirror to cooking in the kitchen, coconut oil has tons of functions all around your house and even on the go. When you manage to put all this goodness in a handy jar, it’s so hard to resist!

What Makes It Awesome

Other than being completely natural and paraben-free, The Coconut People is focusing on also being plastic-free! They’re also coming out with the coolest coconut bowls made from reused coconut shells by local artisans in the Andaman Islands to reduce their wastes. So if you’re looking for a brand that not only cares for you but also the environment, read on to see our favourite products from their line!  

100% Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

You might always hear that coconut oil is good for your hair but its benefits go way beyond that! You can use this organic coconut oil on your hair, skin and even put it in your food! Externally, it makes you glow and internally, making it a part of your diet improves your energy and gives you wellness from within.

Coconut & Mint Lip Balm

There’s literally 5 ingredients in this lip balm and all of them so natural, you might just be tempted to eat it off of your lips! With the cold winter months approaching, this lip balm needs to be a staple in your bag for minty moisture on the go.

Coconut & Mint Body Scrub

Scrub off those layers of dead skin to reveal your dazzling skin underneath! This combination of coconut and mint scrubs and soothes all while leaving a delicious scent behind. Just one scrub will make this a regular in your skincare routine!

Coconut & Mint Handmade Soap

Lather up with this handmade soap as it’ll moisturise your skin with heaps of coconut oil and refresh it with cooling mint. If you’ve got super sensitive skin, this gentle and all-natural product will come to your rescue!

Pro Tip

With Christmas and gifting season approaching, these all-natural products make for the perfect presents so you can send some seriously good vibes to your friends, family AND the environment!