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Meditate With Coconut Milk & Food At Organic Heaven, Grainny’s

Rene posted on 11th January

What Is It?

Grainny’s, a place in Gurgaon that sells nutritious snacks, seeds, herbs and co. is hosting a Food And Farmer afternoon next weekend where you get to chill with an organic farmer and his family, discussing the grains, eating nutritious food and buying organic goodies. 

Who Is It For?

Those whose idea of a wonderful morning begins with a yoga class and ends on a gym ball, munching on a granola bar. Okay, maybe not so extreme, but we’re looking at those who have at least some inclination towards living a good, healthy life.

We’re also thinking hipsters, fit worker ants and new mummies on their quest for health food.

Why Should I Go For It?

Photo source: Grainny's

Photo source: Grainny's

We put our poor bodies through so much that it’s worth nourishing them with love and care every once in a while. In this small, intimate group workshop, 20 participants will learn to make brown rice and nutritious milk out of coconut and groundnut. They'll also probe deeper into our relationship with food, nature and well-being {we're imagining transcendental yoga asanas holding a burger in hand}.

The Facebook page is decidedly obscure about the food meditation so you’ll have to go there and figure out for yourself.

Anything Else?

Buy tickets here

When: Jan 15

Where: Grainny's

Featured photo source: Grainny's

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