Red Dimsums & Chocolate Wontons: This Pan Asian Kitchen Does Food From 9 Different Countries



    Orient Heritage is home delivery service in Malviya Nagar offering gourmet Pan Asian food—everything from Chinese and Japanese to Burmese and Thai. We tried the food and it’s an absolute thumbs up from us.

    Doing Oriental Cuisine Justice

    When it comes to Pan Asian, a lot of places in the city will serve food that is either covered in an overwhelming amount of spices or won’t prepare it the right way, all-in-all pulling away from the authenticity that oriental cuisine warrants. But Orient Heritage? No, no. They know their food all too well—from ingredients all the way to packaging.

    We tried an array of dishes by them, and while food in general gets us all giddy anyway, Orient Heritage’s dishes were absolutely delightful. We tried the veg curry dimsum, fiery chicken dimsum, prawn hargao, chilli basil chicken, Thai basil cups chicken, fish teriyaki, kung pao chicken, and chocolate peanut butter wontons. While we couldn’t stop eating those chocolate-filled wontons and prawn hargao, the fish Teriyaki left us slightly underwhelmed – the sauces were bit sweet, and perhaps an acquired taste. The food, overall, was super fresh, and the flavours were authentic, and that’s a big thumbs up in our books. Their menu has Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai cuisine.

    In addition to the food, these guys take their packaging very seriously {as a home delivery service ought to}—their bags are made of 100% recycled paper, and even the printing on the bags is done in-house with natural colours avoiding all chemicals. For more, they source most of their ingredients {the herbs, spices, pastes etc.} from their country of origin and they don’t store any meats or veggies overnight in order to maintain the freshness of their food {talk about attention to detail}.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Forget pizza nights and give Pan Asian nights a go with Orient Heritage and their delicious dishes.