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    Our Little Black Book of Services | 6 People you Need to Know

    Editors posted on 17 October

    By Editors

    As a start up, there've been many trial and errors before we've managed {or at least we think we have} to set up a trusted network of service providers. Two years in, with more errors than trials, we're giving you pages from our Black Book of services; forget the saying, and learn from our mistakes. There probably won't be enough time to make them all on your own. From food that never disappoints, cleaners that'll take care of every type of closet, to designers that make it all happen, here's our directory.

    Anindya Roy | For All Things Tech 

    In a nutshell, he'll be your go-to man for everything tech related. If you want the longer version, he'll architect and implement complex data centers and cloud based infrastructure for online focussed businesses, along with vulnerability assessment and performance optimisation consultancy. As for commitment, his services are available both for regular engagement as a fractional CIO { Chief Information Officer}, and on a project basis.

    Charges: As for charges, they vary basis the complexity of the task, but he will try and cap it at INR 3000/hour. {Approx}

    Get in touch: Email him at

    Broomberg | For Cleaning Services

    Although a thorough cleaning of a space might be a one time affair {if you already found the office of your dreams}, do not underestimate the power of a hectic scrubbing down. We've been greeted by many a nasty surprise, and hence enlisted Broomberg to come in for an overhauling. After having decided on a time and date, we were greeted by 5 Broomberg branded clothed men, who went on to dust, sweep and scrub every corner of our HQs, including spotless windows, outdoor areas, questionable bathroom fittings, and furniture. We recommend their services if you're moving into a new space or house, and would like to know what it actually looks like.

    Charges: On request, based on size and manpower required.

    Get in touch: Call 8010104040 to book a session, or visit their webiste here for a full list of services. For regular updates, follow them on Facebook here.

    FBPay | For Online Transactions and Hosting Contests

    Notice how we're event and contest junkies? The crew over at FBPay is god sent, and saves us years of time in an otherwise tedious process of collecting payments, registering credit cards, and attempting to track entries. FBPay will sync contests and payment options directly with your FB account, so instead of having to create new content, they'll just pull it off the already existing profile. Best part yet, they'll assist {read:pretty much take care of} in monitoring payments, with various real time email notifications, 24/7 customer support for failed payments, and direct transfer to your bank accounts. Better still, the online marketing assistance.

    Charges: They work on a commission/ online transaction

    Get in touch: Email them at or message them on Facebook here. Read their whole story, here. 

    LWD | For Everything Design Related

    An independent design studio based out of the capital, LWD specialises in branding, packaging, and web design. From creatives, logos and posters, to postcards, banners and presentations, anything that needs a touch of creative genius goes through their hands. Members of their team have independently worked with some heavy duty clients {PepsiCo, Max Bupa, GSK, WWF, Wal-Mart}, we're privileged to be part of that roster! Our branding buddies, LWD will take of any and everything design related for you, no matter how big or small the project.

    Charges: On request, based on your scope of work

    Get in touch: Call Rupali Lamba on 9818587991 or email them at

    Yashasvini Kumar | For All Legal Matters 

    Bigger, more fancy firms tend to not give entrepreneurs or start ups the time of day, so by practice we've learnt, it's better to place your legal woes in the hands of trusted, more accepting solo lawyers. Ms Kumar here has 5 and a half years of work experience in the areas of mergers, acquisitions, private equity and general corporate law. She'll be best advising and executing transactions in these areas, providing insight on market practices, transaction structuring, corporate compliance requirements, review contracts, and negotiate any related transaction documents that might come up. She'll be happy to send you in the right direction if you have a criminal/property dispute, which are outside her area of experience.

    Charges: Depend on your scope of work. If her rates are too high for you, she'll be happy to point you in the direction of smaller firms/independent lawyers who charge less. PS: Rumor has it, she'll waive her fee for start-ups and entrepreneurs she really likes. You didn't hear it here.

    Get in touch: Drop her an email at

    Halbe Innovations | For Accounting, Finance and Taxation

    Accounts, filing taxes, this dedicated at that source, bills, invoices, book-keeping - anything numbers related tends to be the bane of a start-up's existence. Enter the good guys at Halbe. Always available, always efficient, they're a great firm to keep track of all your Benjamins. Since start-up businesses are a main focus point for the firm, you won't get lost in a sea of big corporates and numbers. They also offer services starting from incorporation and trademarking, to regular services of accounting, tax and financial valuation.

    Charges: Accounting services start at INR 4000/month, and go up depending on your scope of work and type of business model.

    Get in touch: Call them on +919884973184. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates here.